Long Life Salad- The Remix

I’ve enjoyed almost two months of the kind of attention most bloggers covet. Granted, we don’t do this for the glory and most of us, not for the booming stats or even the recognition. So said I when I recreated this salad recipe after I saw an episode of Diner’s, Drive-In’s and Dive’s.

Apparently, I so happened to be the first copycat in the entire Internet universe, because after that episode aired again, my stats went crazy. Mind you, I was very clear the first time around that my version was not meant to replicate the recipe from Phat Bites in Nashville exactly. Even so, that recipe put my humble little blog on the map, so to speak.

I can tell from my stats when that particular episode has aired in other parts of the country or worldwide because people are scouring the net for that recipe. I honestly wish the owner of the diner they showed would post the real recipe, but until she does, I shall be grateful for the traffic driven my way and to all the readers who have been gracious enough to try my version of the recipe.

Speaking of which, I did tweak a few ingredients the second time around for my own taste. This salad is incredibly versatile and the kale with lemon dressing is a strong foundation for whatever else you want to throw in it. This time, I decided on Trader Joe’s frozen package of multigrains (rice, barley, and spelt) with vegetables like peas, carrots, and zucchini. Time savers are always welcome! I substituted the vegetable oil in the dressing for coconut oil this time, which is what Phat Bite’s recipe called for, if I recall. I also changed up the mango for 2 cups blueberries, and added 1 11oz can of Mandarin oranges and left out the dried cranberries this time. I ditched the lentils and quinoa since I already had the multi grains. There you have it- not only is this Long Life Salad, but I’m thinking Can’t Mess This Up And It’s Still Nutritious And Delicious Salad (CMTUAISNADS ,for those of you who dig acronyms). šŸ˜Š




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