A Week Of CSA Box Recipes Or How I Got My Veggie Hating Family To Eat Seasonal, Organic Produce.

One thing you can count on- I’m no sugar coater. I’m not going to beat around the proverbial bush and tell y’all that my boys (the three offspring plus spouse) are super excited for food sustainability, organic produce, and wholesome meals laden with vegetables. They’re not. I am. In our house, however, she who does the grocery shopping and the cooking gets to make the rules about the food that’s served. Contrary to popular belief, In N Out is not in the food pyramid. As such, the mission I choose to accept is to get my family to eat healthy, nutritious meals, which of late, revolve around our CSA box.

CSA, by the way, stands for Community Supported Agriculture and I recently signed up for a box delivered to our house every two weeks. This past week, our box included a mix of fruit and veggies (all organic) from a farm in Northern California. When I posted the picture of my box, brimming with fresh vegetables on Facebook, I had mixed reactions. Some saying they cancelled the service (http//:www.farmfreshtoyou.com) because their family just wouldn’t eat the veggies, some saying they weren’t happy with the produce, and some excited as I was. It made me even more determined to incorporate the contents into the week’s meals.

I think to an extent, we have been spoiled by the luxury of so many choices. In a lot of things, but food for sure. Only in the last 80 years or so has transportation and import/export allowed us to eat whatever we want, when we want it. Since the dawn of time, however, humans have had to live off their natural food resources and eat accordingly. Not just eat accordingly, but cook and “make do” with what was in season and grown locally. Otherwise known as old school green. The question then isn’t “what shall we have?”, but becomes “what shall we make with _____?”

So in our CSA box, was one bunch of broccoli and one bunch of carrots, which I steamed and added to some penne for a quick dinner. I added some Pecorino Romano with some butter for the naysayers-they loved it!

There was one bunch of butter lettuce which I mixed with El Torito’s Cilantro dressing for chicken burritos the next night….

I cut up the bunch of Kale and added some to a homemade pizza (sssh, they don’t know it was kale), some to my homemade dog food, and the rest to a smoothie.

I used the red leaf lettuce and the radishes in one fell swoop to my Valentine’s Day bacon salad and surprise! Radishes are good! I’ve never liked radishes and really, they were only for decoration. These were crisp and not bitter at all- score one for radishes….

The Gala apples, we ate raw and the lemon I squeezed in fresh guacamole. And that, ladies and gentleman, concludes how we ate an entire box of organic produce in less than a week with not so much as an “ewwww, I’m not eating that…” Boss? I’d like to think so….



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2 Comments on “A Week Of CSA Box Recipes Or How I Got My Veggie Hating Family To Eat Seasonal, Organic Produce.”

  1. wayne
    February 19, 2014 at 5:01 am #

    I remember when you pooh poohed my radishes! Your meals look delish!!! 🙂

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