Two Smoothies For Immunity, Digestion And Energy

It’s no coincidence I’m posting two nutritious smoothie recipes the day before Halloween. Perhaps it’s my contribution to the Eat Well, Ditch Junk initiative. Ok, that’s my own campaign, but still.

If you’re going to choose to ditch junk, it also means you’re going to commit to nourishing your body well. I wasn’t a smoothie convert until I got the Nutri Bullet, partly because most recipes called for yogurt or something dairy based, which I don’t do. Milk and I divorced awhile ago and I have a self-created aversion to substitutes. That said, these smoothies are designed to be nutrient dense and pack as many vitamins as I can fit into my Nutri Bullet’s container. I also don’t substitute a smoothie for a meal. Although it does keep you full, it is not intended to help you lose weight.

Keep in mind, your body is better able to absorb most vitamins through whole foods, rather than supplements (even whole food supplements). Plus, from what I’ve seen, those whole food supplements tend to be pricey with no guarantee that you’re getting what you’re paying for. Additionally, you know what your body needs most; be it protein, calcium, immunity boosts, fat burning, etc. According to nutrition experts, we should all be aiming for a diet rich in fiber and high in fruits and veggies.

The immunity boost and digestive smoothie packs Vitamins A and K, along with folate, potassium, fiber, calcium and iron. There is also plenty of Vitamin C and I switch out the strawberries for mango for even more C. I can only handle beets when they’re disguised, but those guys aid in cleansing your digestion tract as will the fiber in the flax seed. My new favorite is fresh figs, which surprisingly have about 20% daily fiber! Who knew?

The ingredients:
1 handful of fresh baby spinach
2 baby beets (the ones I buy are already peeled and steamed)
1 banana, broken in pieces
5 or 6 frozen strawberries (or frozen mango chunks)
1 teaspoon flax seed
1/4 cup orange strawberry banana juice (or orange juice with calcium)

Blend until smooth. Note: I always have some sort of frozen fruit added to make the smoothie cold.

The protein smoothie is what I drink before a run/workout because I need the raw fuel for one, but also to be well hydrated (coconut water). I use chocolate coconut water, but you can substitute any flavor.

1 handful baby spinach
1 banana, broken into pieces
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1 teaspoon wheat germ
1 teaspoon peanut butter
1/4 cup chocolate coconut water

Blend until smooth.



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